Tools made over night.

By fabrication veterans who built the process


Pressbrake tools, for parts designed by roookies

Beneath the Surface

It all looks good in CAD, until you hold and say WTF. Did you run out of fairy dust? Has the day drained you and blacksmithing an offset just doesn’t sound like your cup of tea?

Well, we have some ways of blasting out tools for complicated or impossible bends, that get the job done, quick and efficient. If our tools can’t bend it, it cant be bent.

Deceiving looks

,These techniques can also be applied to easy jogs, and other tooling, but you just don’t have the size.  We can custom cut from CAD and also help with the design. Typically they are one off as we don’t charge enough to do it twice!

We can convert CAD of all flavors,  PDF, JPEG,AI,EPS,BMP, plus many more. With our plethora of CAD and translators, we can get it done fast, accurate and inexpensive, just kick sales in the pants later. If you would like we have free up charge service to keep them in line.


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