Anthony Miguel

Fabrication Lead

This guy puts down serious welds on anything, even titanium. A go getem attitude who has a terrific forward vision of how things should plan out.

Jesse Perez

5S Lead/Lead

In charge of the spotless floors, master cloud maker to stave off covid and an attitude that creates culture all by himself. Gets down on grinding and loves it. Putting on that nice smooth finish.


Welding Perfectionist

Part of our 3 man weld crew, his skill sets in welding are vast. Can put down feet of non stop tig welds staking dimes, dime after dime. He had an impicable work ethic, rare to be seen.

Fabian Martinez

Office Lead

A rare skill set he has indeed. We brought him form the sho into the office. Cabale of undertaining the fabrciation needs and also can write PO's in quickbooks and source the metal.

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