Huge to small and delicate



Waterjet machines use abrasive and water at extremely high pressure to chip away at the substrate material. This allows for much cooler cutting conditions and leaving behind a smooth cut that is not changed mechaniclly. No heattreated cuts with potential to stress fatigue and crack.

Cuts trough anything

We are not kidding, if it fits under the cutting head, it will be severed. From metal, to stone, to speakers, tiles and tiles. We have not not comeacross ANYTHING it could no cut. The real question is should we.

Not the Fastest

The one draw back to a waterjet, is the speed of cutting. There moments where it is a faster machien then some other process, like thick plate cutting for reoving materiasl for cnc machines to finish. Or cutting Glass with non traditionl geomtries, but for metals and plastics in the .048 to 1", laser is the go to, and keeps picking up spped and thickness capablities.


Huge to small and delicate


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