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Our sheet metal team, metal fabricators, laser cutting ninjas, punch press techs, picky quality control, press brake wizards, waterjet wonders, sensational shippers, kind, smart and funny front office will attend to your needs, make high quality, well thought out manufactured parts quickly!

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46 years of Manufacturing

Our machine learning quote system can find potential issues in model geometries, flagging troubled areas and help to get it manufacturable, saving time, money and frustration.

Our Services

Waterjet Cutting

Water cutting for the untypical of sheet metal laser cutting. Thick metal plate, stone, plastics and wood from 3/4 of an inch up to 8″. The largest our table can cut is 80 x 160 inches.

High precision typically .003 depending on the thickness and materials. Trupart has been waterjet cutting for over 20 years and familiar with proper cutting techniques ensuring a quality cut on hard to machine materials. Garolite, carbon fiber, laminates, and glass are no match for our machinists and table.

Laser Cutting

Our laser is capable of cutting up to 3/4 of an inch steel plate with a smooth surface. Aluminum and Stainless we go up to half-inch, anything thicker we put it in our high precision waterjet. Nitrogen is our assist gas of choice. It’s a little more expensive to run but cuts faster leaves no oxide to grind off and chip powder coat, plus it looks amazing!


We don’t stop at just blanking your parts. Full on-site fabrication so we can control every aspect of your parts. Parts stay safe in our factory, where you can track it on our one of a kind TruTrack job scheduling board. See where your job is in our factory, check out some shop talk, see updates of pictures, questions employees have for the office, just don’t ask us to anodize stainless, you might read about it in the comments of the card,

Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping, our founder Karl Schlosser’s bread and butter. Machines cast in metal, built to last century’s like heirlooms, typical of that generation’s quality. One we strive to achieve by the minute.

We make parts to last, with the knowledge that has been handed down, sharpened, reapplied and repeated. The mix of our equipment lends a skill set unique to our little island.

Although punch press has long been an overseas dominated process with very minimum left in the states, we still build some dies here and there, repair ours and set them back up.

We still run one job for a customer that was one of our first jobs. His stamp is on it, his sons-in-law, and his grandsons, our current CEO.

46-year-old tooling, lightly maintained, millions of parts, billions of hours and we pride ourselves to say that because of our PC in that puzzle, this customer stayed in business, when the odds gave him 100-1. If you are not in business, neither are we.

Design and Engineering

3D scanners and printers with more software than anyone shop needs, engineers who have scrapped out more parts in there life it would make you think twice, and fabricators who do their job like there life depended on it, a recipe, that is no secret, develops.

Time is a testament to engineers and fabricators. You won’t hold long in this industry with bubble gum welds, scratches all over the sheet metal, bend radius nowhere near, and engineering calling out for anno stainless. We have seen it all and contributed our part to it as well, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. 

Time tested, reject rates of .02 consistently for 46 years, we make mistakes, the numbers don’t lie though. It’s rare, we don’t charge enough to do the job twice.

Brilliant people making quality parts with engineers who can build rockets, cars or whatever is called upon. Quite frankly, they have built all that and I’m sure other items that are so top secret, wed be shot if we new.

Production 3D printing/3D Scanning

A revolution is on the horizon. Parts made overnight, in quantities that will blow your mind. 100’s of parts manufactured overnight by machines that require no tooling.

Impossible? Not anymore, at Trupart, we have developed a proprietary process that allows us to 3D print difficult geometries, in exotic materials that your big 3 print corporations cannot offer. Our exclusive part finishing strengthens and smooths 3D printed parts closing the gap on injection molding.

Do you like spending 10s of thousands of dollars on tooling and waiting 3 months, then sending back to touch it up because it was off couple thou?

Well, your dream has come true. Produce 3D our inhouse 3D print factory is prepared for your production parts. Multihead printers producing hundreds of parts a day.

Flame retardant ABS certed to FAR 25.843, FDA nylon and PETG for food packaging. Just some of our certed materials prepared for your production, or emergency. You can load any cad model to our online instant quote engine, and get going yesterday.


It’s rare finding a good polisher these days, expensive, long lead times, and sometimes you gotta send it back. Well, we do polishing in house.

Quality polishing by picky people. Comets, streaks we understand what you need. Been making parts for artists and medical devices for many years. If you can meet that muster, you have the green light.

Mill Non directional #8 is a beautiful thing, but it needs to be handled correctly. The right film, with the right adhesive, carefully handled so your expensive soon to be your your problem is in mint condition, ready for a blinding experience.

Parts fabricated and polished in the same place. We have no one to blame if you don’t like it.

All Materials Welcome

We love to play with metal, but we don’t stop there, plastics, wood, exotic materials. We have built parts from strange and uncommon materials almost weekly, Its not a big deal as long as it doesn’t kill you.

When you have a good team that respects the industry and work ethic is top-notch, certain characteristics are intrinsic, and you don’t have to mention its titanium CP5, probably knows it already, yet doesn’t matter because he is proud of his work.

That’s nice and all, but let’s be honest, our job scheduler will tell them what materials there using anyways. Nice try though right?

The bottom line, you have a print, we have the people machines and software. Let’s start a relationship.

Extreme Expedite

Hot Hot Hot, i think that 90% of jobs now in days. We love being part of a team, helping out our fellow patriots  building america part by part.

There is line though, and typically its several weeks out. Hard to avoid since if you don’t have a backlog, your a couple days out of business. On the other hand, if you have a 6 week lead time, good luck with that sale. No one has that time to wait for parts, and if they did, mind as well send it over seas.

Companies like ours need a lead time, but always have room for the hot stuff.

With our quoting software, you can have it any way you want and see the results instantly. Want it tomorrow? Its available, the cost might sound as crazy as the request though. Check it out, its the bees knees, and the future of manufacturing, right now!

Your parts, skillfully crafted, at the right price on time.

Multifaceted veterans hand selected, highly sought after, loyal to the standards of our founder Karl Schlosser built into our foundation 46 years ago. Old school work ethic and practices, modern software and equipment.

Track Your parts (Coming Soon)

Track your order on TruTracker. Gain insight into where your parts are at. With how quickly parts can be designed and produced. Murpheys Law reeks havoc , especially in our industry,things happen we get it, so jumping on  issues is one way how we support you keeping the gears grinding.  Know were your parts are at and contact us so we can make the changes. It’s not just about getting a job done to us, its the part that works for you.

ASAP Approval

Once we receive your quote, our talented team of industry veterans review the quote to confirm its in the ballpark. When everything looks good, we confirm and presto, in minutes you have a confirmation of your order and i direct line of communication to our portal about all of you jobs requirements. You will feel so safe and snugly .. But wait, theres more!

Manufacturing check has your back!

Since our founding father Karl Schlosser began this 46-year-old company, top-notch quality is our main focus. That means reviewing prints, confirming we can build it, manufacturability is possible, materials are available, dimensions are achievable, tooling is in stock, the list can go on. The human touch, although it can take a while, can be the difference of a pile of expensive scrap or dead nuts parts. With our new algorithms capable of pointing out potential manufacturability issues like countersink to close to holes, cuts to close to bends, tight radius, flanges to long. The stuff that we want to help with before parts are cut. Save time, save money, use the software when you can to get the best part you can buy.

Got time on your parts?

Order early and gain huge savings!

When we have opportunity to batch jobs, order materials and setup in a batch process, we can offer huge savings! The More time you have, the more you save


We have been working with Trupart for over ten years. They are a key component in our R&D and Rapid Manufacturing. Prototypes quickly, parts manufactured to the highest quality quickly. Top notch, great communication, fair pricing.”
Chris starnes

Engineer, Meissner Filtration

“We at RMI Railworks have used Trupart for six years now. We are a niche manufacturing company that produces miniature Ride-on-Railroad equipment. We require limited runs of many different shapes and sizes of parts for our product line. Trupart has consistently provided us with prompt service and quality products in a timely manner. We have tried others, but none have provide the quality and service that Trupart has for our specialized product needs. We intend to continue to works with Trupart, our most trusted vendor, for many years to come.
Dave Coster

Production Manager, RMI Rail Works

“Trupart Manufacturing has been a vital manufacturing supplier to me over the past 7 years. As an engineer within the Southern California Aerospace Industry, I’ve relied on Trupart to deliver high-quality parts in support of multiple spaceflight programs. The Trupart team takes a personal approach to coordinating the manufacture and delivery of all their parts. They also quickly communicate to me any design or manufacturing issues encountered during the fabrication process. I would highly recommend Trupart to other engineers because they’ve never let me down, and I’m sure they’ll never let you down.”
Stuart Fowler


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Frequently Asked

Is your quote software accurate?
Absolutely, not only is it accurate, but it can often fin details that make your parts more expensive due to manufacturing issues of machine limitations. Its like having a personal engineer coaching you to quality, design to manufactured parts. At no charge! Plus, our technicians review every quote, making sure everything looks good.
Minimum charges?
Our software is very aware, every step has setup charges and minimum rates for an hour. How you choose your product to be built and its process to achive that is how we charge.
We move quick, parts same day sometimes. On our auto quoter we give you many opportunities to pick from, an already quick leadtime. With all of our staff and equipment, we get it done!
Quality Standards?
46 years and less then .02 % of rejects shipped out. Never have we had a component fail due to manufacturing defects.  Quality standards are there for a reason. We are compliant to ISO standards aswell as current and regestsred with D&B, ORCA,
What type of Drawings and CAD?

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