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TruPart Manufacturing

Quality Manufacturing for over 42 years.


Need help with product design? Trupart has skilled engineers on site that can help you with any of your design woes.


With 3D printing and rapid prototyping capabilities we can create custom tooling and specialized manufacturing processes to rapidly build your prototypes

Fabrication and Production

We have manufactured over 20,000,000 parts. Trupart can handle your manufacturing and production needs no matter the scale!

Industry Leading

Expert Metal Fabrication, Made in the USA.

200+ Years Experience

Our team has over 200 years of experience. Spanning so many skill sets and overlapping in many, you have several people watching out over your components who have spent their lives in this industry. Multifaceted veterans hand-selected, highly sought after, loyal to the standards or founder Karl Schlosser built into our foundation 46 years ago. Old school work ethic and practices, modern software and equipment.

Complete Control

From aluminum, to steel, to polymers and plastics, we can bring your creation to life today!

How We Stack Up

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What sets us apart

ASAP Approval

Expedited parts and quotes

Track Your Parts

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Human verification for every part

46 Years of Excellence

Machine Learning

We use state of the art
algorithms to check designs for flaws

Aircraft grade

We produce parts for SpaceX, Lockheed,
Boeing, Blue Origin and more!


Secure Shipping Worldwide

Trupart in Motion

Sit back and enjoy.

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